Letterform explorations

  • Latin
  • Czechia
  • 2021

About Letterform explorations

This unique limited series of generative-art posters was designed by David Březina, Anna Giedryś, and Johannes Neumeier in November 2021. It is an exploration into the various aspects and definitions of digital contemporary writing. What constitutes a character shape? What makes it calligraphic and what makes it glyphic? What is its essence, the fill or the boundary?

Each piece shows a single glyph from one of Rosetta’s typefaces rendered using computer-art techniques and plotted by a robotic calligrapher. Although coming from a precise geometric description, each result is a unique combination of the plotter, marker, and paper – a deviation from the digital mould.

  • No. 1: Letter «a» by David Březina. The typeface is Sacco by David Březina, WIP.
  • No. 2: Letter «g» by Anna Giedryś. The typeface is Butik (formerly Lulu) by Anna Giedryś.
  • No. 3: Letter «s» by David Březina. The typeface is Avory by Sláva Jevčinová.
  • No. 4: Question mark by Johannes Neumeier. The typeface is Clone Rounded by Lasko Džurovski.

Each poster is produced in 20 originals, signed, with a pencilled note.

Dimensions: 250 × 330 mm Colour: silver or gold Paper: black 240g graphic paper