In addition to the retail type market, we supply tailored font services to small and large companies and provide consultancy for other design studios and font publishers.
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Our clients

Small companies as well as corporate giants, local, international, or global; designers, publishers, game developers, news portals, football leagues, governmental services, NGOs, theatres, software developers, fashion labels, breweries, other foundries, … Some of them required minor modifications or custom licences, others comissioned a brand new set of fonts. Here are some of the bigger names:

  • Adobe
  • BBC World Service
  • Czech Academy of Sciences
  • Czech Centres
  • DFL/Bundesliga
  • Google
  • Gujarat Mitra
  • Harvard University Press
  • Kenzo
  • LG
  • Morisawa
  • Pilsner Urquell (Asahi Beers)
  • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
  • Sans Souci
  • Smashing Magazine
  • Voice of America
  • Yerevan Magazine

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* These are finished projects we hope to present soon.

Why custom services from Rosetta?

Bespoke branding tool

Custom fonts infuse your brand with originality and reinforce authenticity in every message you write. With our proven strengths in blending distinctive design with performance, let us design brand new fonts exclusively for you, or tailor typefaces from our range of retail fonts to fit your specific needs.

Design for a wide palette of world languages and scripts

High-quality design is not just good-looking: it is also readable, reliable, and culturally sensitive. If you need to communicate with customers all over the globe, we might be the ideal font supplier for you. We specialise in designing for numerous languages and scripts (writing systems). Fonts that support two or more scripts are our speciality. Not only do they work well individually for each script, they are designed to work well together, making the life of any graphic designer dealing with multiple scripts much easier. Be it a single Central European language or a set of complex Asian scripts, we know how to design for it, and our assurance of quality extends to all the scripts we design.

Experienced and diverse team

We have been fortunate to work with exceptional designers worldwide. Our collaborators come from diverse backgrounds all over the planet and are experts in their respective fields. We also frequently work with established consultants who specialise in particular world scripts.

Continuous improvement

In order to develop the best font software, we keep up with the latest technological innovations. We also develop in-house tools to streamline production and increase the efficiency and reliability of our fonts. And, in the unfortunate case that our fonts fail you, we will do our best to fix the issue as soon as possible.


The many prestigious design awards that Nassim has received are testaments to its fresh and contemporary design, and with its range of weights enabled us to achieve the typographic hierarchy we required.
Kutlu Çanlıoğlu, BBC Future Media
You have no idea what you have done for the improvement of the Arabic/Persian web experience.
Bruce Bahmani, Voice of America
… the results demonstrated a 5x increase in reading speed. [… The new Persian VOA site] was extremely well received and many users commented on how much better the site looks and how much more readable the text appears; …
Bruce Bahmani, Voice of America
Skolar accomplishes the goal sought after by virtually every text face: to make its mark with a distinct personality and yet remain effortlessly readable by letting that personality slip secretly and silently into the background.
Elliot Jay Stocks
It’s also an object lesson in how to design a companion to a serif. Rather than any kind of straightforward chop-the-serifs conversion, the characteristic strokes of Skolar are reinterpreted and translated to the lower-contrast world of sans serifs.
Aegir Hallmundur for Typographica