Larger licence tiers and new online reseller

The new licence tiers

We have modified and further simplified our Standard licence to allow for larger licence tiers. All tiers now permit the use in desktop, web, and apps! The basic tier corresponds to our previous offer while the larger tiers (already available from our web shop) are based on the comany size (the total number of employees) and set limits for the use on the web and in apps. Any use in NFTs and machine learning is still not allowed. See the rates in the web shop.

We have also unified the student and academic discount to a single tier (currently at 45% off) that can be purchased directly from the web shop. Note that we may request an additional proof of your academic affiliation (e.g. student ID).

Moreover, as of 1 April 2024, we have updated our webshop with Paddle as our online reseller (Merchant of record). This essentially means that they will issue the invoices and handle the increasingly complex world of online sales and taxes. We will still ship the fonts and updates directly.

We hope these changes will allow us to spend more time on drawing and writing and less time dealing with accounting.