Printed specimens are available again, some of them for free

Specimen binder with all specimens

We have uncovered a long forgotten trove of specimens in our studio and decided to give them away. The first two specimens per person (aka you) are available for free, including shipping. For three or more, we will charge for shipping. Included are also some rare old specimens and the last few specimen binders that we have left. We do charge for those. The specimen binders contain the complete set of specimens, including those that have been sold out for a while.

You can view all our specimens in the recently reinstated Fonts in use section. Those that are still available can be ordered here. Hurry up, the giveaway ends on 17 April!

If you have a specific order, e.g. a gang of students ordering together to keep the costs low, get in touch directly.

Adapter poster

Avory PE specimen