The new Aisha comes with exuberant variable swashes

Aisha v3

The latest version of Aisha (v3) comes with a host of new features. Numerous alternate letterforms and variable swashes are now available to customise the voice of Aisha, either raising or lowering the volume of expression. Some of the idiosyncratic features that used to be active by default have been quietened, making them optional, rather than standard. For example, L and R no longer sport a swash outstroke, but it can still get activated by the user – together with new swash forms of A, B, D, F, K, P, Q, T, Z, and all their accented siblings. Similarly, the minuscule-esque shape of the capitals A, M, and N is a peculiarity of Aisha, but in some settings more conventional forms are desirable. We therefore included variants of A, M, and N that are closer to typical capital forms, and added alternates of B, P, and R, as well as E, F, H, and L, that display their handwritten qualities in less extrovert a manner. You can now tune Aisha, whether for individual words, paragraphs, or entire documents, to the exact tone that your design requires.

In the Maghrebi manuscript tradition, exuberant swashes that sometimes reach beyond word boundaries and across lines are a common feature. In this update of Aisha we have included a selection of such swashes to enable users to implement this typical Maghrebi characteristic in their designs. Taking advantage of variable font technology, all swashes can be customised to the desired length, handing users more choice and flexibility. Furthermore, we have dug deeper into the rich heritage of Maghrebi manuscript practice and included more stylistic variations of letterforms, expanding Aisha’s palette of typographic choices ever more. It now contains alternates of initial and medial ه (heh), variants of ص (sad) and ط (tah) that can be elongated, two additional forms of final م (mim), as well as some variant letterforms that are particular to the Maghrebi tradition. With the latter – a miniature form of ي (yeh), an alternate rendering of ء (hamza), and dotless forms of ن (nun) – specific manuscript styles can now be represented more faithfully.

The new Aisha Latin and Arabic come in five weights (incl. the new Medium style) and a variable font. If you have purchased the complete bundle previously and would like to get the variable font, get in touch and we will set up an upgrade order for 45 or 60 € for Latin or Arabic respectively.

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