Lectures at Ishan Khosla

On 8 February, David Březina was invited to Ishan Khosla Design Studio at Haus Khas village in New Delhi to talk about type design and Rosetta’s projects. The evening comprised two lectures: the first showing some released as well as some unreleased projects with a commentary on various obstacles in designing typefaces for various scripts, the second titled Specifying type consistency discussed approaches designers take in order to design readable and visually balanced typefaces.

The atmosphere in Ishan’s beautiful studio was friendly and intimate and the lectures turned into a discussion about issues related to design and the actual use of Indian scripts today.

If you do not know Ishan Khosla’s studio yet, remember to have a look at their work. It is highly collaborative (mainly with craftsmen around the country) and seeks an Indian expression within contemporary graphic design, yet speaks to a wider audience. Thank you for having us, Ishan!

BTW. Ishan even had posters prepared for the lecture and had them posted! There is a great collection of these posters on Facebook and one example is shown below. Also more pictures from the evening on IK Facebook.

This is the first of a short series of talks and studio visits around India. In Delhi we also visited W+K and met with Turmeric Design and Kimya Gandhi. There will be one more session in Ahmedabad at NID on 27–28 February. And in Mumbai (1–5 March) we plan to visit several studios and present a lecture called Challenges in multilingual typography at the Typography Day conference 2012.