Rosetta is a typeface design studio and font distributor that addresses the needs of global typography. Together with our collaborators, we create original fonts for a polyphonic world. Our research-based practice has been recognized and received awards from within the industry. But most importantly it has enabled people to read better in their native language.


Apr 2024 Type releases Butik by Anna Štepanovská
Apr 2024 Articles Larger licence tiers and new online reseller
Mar 2024 Articles Printed specimens are available again, some of them for free
Mar 2024 Articles The new Aisha comes with exuberant variable swashes
Jan 2024 Type releases Adapter Georgian by Ana Sanikidze
Jan 2024 Lectures “Elements of multi-script typography: the wayfinding edition” at the University of Reading, UK
Jan 2024 Academic Can we selectively attend to the top halves of letters and ignore the bottom halves?
Nov 2023 Type releases Handjet Korean by Ha-neul Park and Lee-su Yoo
Nov 2023 Our projects Hyperglot v2
Oct 2023 Type releases Clone PE by Lasko Džurovski
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