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Desktop font licenses bought in our e-shop do NOT allow the use of the fonts by means of @font-face rule. If you want to use our fonts on the web you can either self-host our fonts directly on your servers or use the fonts via webfont provider Fontdeck. All our fonts have been carefully prepared for the web including screen-optimization.

Self-hosting means that you get actual font files (EOT, WOFF, TTF only on request) to be hosted on your web server. It is cheaper than webfont providers and provides greater control over the loading times. Furthermore, the license is perpetual for one domain and unlimited subdomains. You pay only once. Practically speaking, it means that the developers need to: a) code appropriate CSS themselves, b) upload the fonts to their servers, c) protect the fonts from piracy to the best of their abilities. The prices are defined by pageviews/month. If the traffic increases above the tier limit, you need to update to a higher tier. If you order 4+ fonts, you get 20% discount.

Email us with your inquiries and orders

Type family Recommended size* Self-hosting
perpetual license
up to 500K pageviews
annual license
up to 1M pageviews
Aisha Latin Web Display (≥ 18 px) 35 € 11.5 €
Aisha Arabic Web Display (≥ 18 px) 80 € 25 €
Arek Armenian Web Display (≥ 18 px) 35 € 11.50 €
Arek Latin Web Display (≥ 18 px) 35 € 11.50 €
Eskorte Latin Web Text (≥ 10–12px) 45 € 13.75 €
Eskorte Arabic Web Text (≥ 10–12px) 80 € 25 €
Huronia Inuktitut Web Display (≥ 18 px) 15 € 6.5 €
Huronia Latin Web Display (≥ 18 px) 45 € 13.75 €
Nassim Latin Web Display (≥ 18 px) 35 € 11.5 €
Nassim Arabic Web
BBC version
Text (≥ 10–12px) 80 € 25 €
Neacademia Text Web
incl. Latin and Cyrillic
Display (≥ 18 px) 45 € 13.75 €
Neacademia Display Web
incl. Latin and Cyrillic
Display (≥ 18 px) 45 € 13.75 €
Skolar Latin Web Text (≥ 10–12px) 45 € 18.75 €
Skolar PE Web
incl. Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek
Text (≥ 10–12px) 70 € 25 €
Skolar Devanagari Display (≥ 18 px) 80 € 25 €
Skolar Gujarati Display (≥ 18 px) 80 € 25 €
incl. Latin and Cyrillic
Display (≥ 28 px) 45 € 11.50 €
*) Recommended size: this note is intended only for guidance, always check the font rendering in all browsers you wish to support. Display refers to use in larger type sizes (headlines, titles, logos). These fonts are auto-hinted and might not be a good option for text on MS Windows (particularly XP). Text refers to use in longer paragraph texts. Text webfonts are manually hinted for better on-screen performance in sizes around 10–12 pixels, especially on MS Windows.

What you get?

The webfonts are equivalents of our desktop fonts in terms of character set, language support, and OpenType features. Optionally we also provide smaller ready-made minified font subsets for traffic-sensistive web developers (e.g. with full Skolar PE Web we can provide Skolar Latin Web Min, Skolar Cyrillic Web Min, Skolar Greek Web Min if required). In case we forgot to mention, the fonts look splendid on the screen!

Prices for higher traffic (self-hosting)

Prices for websites with traffic above 500K pageviews/month. They are proportional to the prices above.

Monthly pageviews Armenian, Cyrillic, Greek, Latin fonts Arabic, Indic fonts
up to 500 thousands basic price as quoted above basic price as quoted above
up to 2 million 4 × basic price 5 × basic price
up to 5 million 8 × basic price 12.5 × basic price
up to 20 million 30 × basic price 50 × basic price
above 20 million Get in touch!

Prices do not include VAT (we are an EU VAT payer, overseas clients do not pay any VAT).

Tech specs

Rosetta self-hosted webfonts come as Embedded OpenType (EOT), Web Open Font Format (WOFF), and optionally TrueType format (TTF). With these formats most of the contemporary browsers are covered:

  • Internet Explorer 4 and higher
  • Chrome 3.6 and higher
  • Firefox 3.5 and higher
  • Safari 3.1 and higher
  • Opera 10 and higher
  • iOS Safari 4.2 and higher
  • Android Browser 2.2 and higher
The level of CSS3 and expert OpenType feature support as well as the rendering may differ depending on the browser and the platform.

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