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How to create typefaces

How to create typefaces. From the sketch to the screen. By: Laura Meseguer, Cristóbal Henestrosa and José Scaglione. A new book published by Tipo e.
How is a typeface designed? What characters are required in a font? What is the difference between roman, oblique and cursive types? “How to create typefaces” is a guide that replies in a clear and straightforward manner these questions and many more. The book is aimed to both beginners and designers with some experience in the field.
The authors of “How to create typefaces” are type designers, graphic designers and teachers, with vast experience in each one of these activities. Coming from very different backgrounds, each one represents a different way or learning and making type. Laura Meseguer (Spain) studied at KABK in Netherlands, José Scaglione (Argentina) at the University of Reading in UK, and Cristobal Henestrosa (Mexico) at Gestalt in Veracruz, Mexico.
In nine chapters, authors take turns to explain the concepts behind typeface design, from the very basics of sketching and digitisation to more complex issues such as the development of large type families and font distribution. 
“How to create typefaces” is only available in Spanish for the time being.

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The chapters
1 Motivations
Thoughts before the creation of a typeface
2 Writing, calligraphy, lettering and type design
Going from letter drawing to type design.
3 Processes and methods
Sketching, proportions and basic letter structure, optical corrections and other principles of type design.
4 Digitisation
Digital construction of lettershapes.
5 Spacing
Understanding the countershapes, methods for spacing and kerning.
6 Typographic programs
Extending a type family. Obliques and italics, changing width and weight, optical sizes. 
7 Type as software
Role of technology in type design, font formats and encoding
8 Distribution
Copyrights, distribution methods, business models and piracy.
9 Perspective
Considerations about the discipline from a personal point of view
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Date: May 2012
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