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Sneak peek: Arek

Armenian is yet another script to be supported through our library. The new type family Arek by Khajag Apelian is a fresh new interpretation of this beautiful script.
Arek is a typeface initially designed to be used in school books. In order to design a genuine adaptation of the script, the author made an extensive research of the old Armenian manuscripts.
The family currently includes four weights (Regular, Medium, Bold, and Extra Bold) in two variants—carefully balanced upright and cursive forms. As far as we know, Arek is the first font to come up with such matching for Armenian. That is quite remarkable by itself, but it is also rich in OpenType features, such as ligatures and contextual alternates, designed to create faithfully looking Armenian texture.
The release is planned for 2012, but the Armenian part of the family is already used in the Yerevan magazine. The typeface was conceived during Khajag’s studies at the Type and Media programme at the KABK in The Hague. Below you can see several pictures from the book explaining the process of designing Arek.

Khajag Apelian is a Lebanese graphic and type designer of Armenian decent. Raised in between Dubai and Beirut, Khajag received a bachelor degree in Typography and Motion Graphics from Notre Dame University in Lebanon and an M.Des. in Type and Media from KABK in The Hague.
Khajag worked in branding with Landor Associates Dubai before starting his career as a freelancer under “debakir” in the Netherlands in 2009. Debakir focused on projects dealing with Arabic typography with various organizations such as Opera Amsterdam, One/one, the Mediamatic Foundation, and the Khatt Foundation. In 2010, Khajag co-founded, together with Lara Balaa, Majooun, a visual communication and type design studio based in Beirut. 
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Date: September 2011
Font(s): Arek
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