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Sutturah: Dangerous curves
Sutturah: Dangerous curves
Sutturah: Dangerous curves
Sutturah: Dangerous curves
Sutturah: Dangerous curves
Sutturah  cyrillic / latin
Sutturah is a display font intended for poster and editorial design. It was born as an exploration of new text patterns. The font combines very detailed and constructed shapes with script flavour. The design has varied influences, from gothic fraktur to the display super black high contrasted wood types. 
Sutturah is informal and irreverent. Its strong character goes beyond letter shape construction conventions; it quickly catches the eye and surprises the reader. Its personality allows for the creation of stunning pieces of design without the need of any other elements… a single word in Sutturah is worth a thousand images. Extra ligatures and swashes give the user even more possibilities and add to the fun of using Sutturah!

To transfer the unusual style from Latin to Cyrillic was indeed a big challenge. Nevertheless, Sutturah managed to maintain the same level of legibility across both scripts. The Cyrillic was developed with the help from Sergei Egorov.

The typeface was among the Typographica’s Best of 2012 and in  Communication Arts Typographic Annual 2013, it was awarded in the prestigious TDC2 2012 competition, and won the second prize in the Display typeface category at Granshan 2012 competition.
Designer: Octavio Pardo
Released on: November 2011
Scripts: cyrillic, latin
Standard Ligatures
Stylistic Alternates
Lining Figures
Swash Alternates
Monetary Symbols
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