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Aisha: A child of two worlds™
Aisha: A child of two worlds™
Aisha: A child of two worlds™
Aisha: A child of two worlds™
Aisha: A child of two worlds™
Aisha  arabic / latin
Aisha is a child of two worlds. Her origin is the Maghreb but she was brought up in Europe, she speaks many languages and is equally at home in the banlieu of Paris as in the Medina of Marrakesh. Aisha's features show clearly where she is coming from, and her confidence lets her stand out among the crowd. She is a playful character, sometimes  even a little cheeky, for she knows about her qualities. The little skip in her step, cheerful and fun, the twists and turns and the sparkle in her eye are all carefully controlled – Aisha does not lose control or get carried away. Her looks are gentle and friendly, and certainly one cannot confuse her with anything else. Aisha is not ashamed of her quirks, her pace, her surprises and expresses her moods through extra bold type.
Aisha originates from research about the Maghribi script, its regular Arabic weight is based on foundry type Titus discovered in a 19th century book. During its design Titus reinterpreted the sources within the frame given by current usage and technology. He developed a Latin face to accompany the Arabic, drawing both as independently usable, yet closely related typefaces. The Latin version of Aisha is one of the very rare designs in which style and feel of the Arabic version shaped the direction of the Roman letters, rather than the commonly found inverse direction.
To expand its versatility and usability, a range of weights covering both scripts was conceived. Drawing on research about Maghribi calligraphy and inspired by expressive Moroccan lettering, the resulting designs feature generous curves, joyful variations and much colour, rendering Aisha a historically informed typeface for contemporary requirements.
In her young career, Aisha has already received much praise. She was awarded the ‘Certificate of Excellence in Type Design’ at the TDC² 2010,  nominated for the prestigious 2011 ‘Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany’, and selected for the Creative Review Type annual 2011.
Designer: Titus Nemeth
Released on: April 2014
Scripts: arabic, latin
Standard Ligatures
Stylistic Alternates
Discretionary Ligatures
Lining Figures
Old Style Figures
Lining Tabular Figures
Superiors (Superscript)
Inferiors (Subscript)
Swash Alternates
Old Style Tabular Figures
Vocalization (Arabic)
Standard ligatures (Arabic)
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