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Aisha Arabic Pro

Support for 10+5 languages that use the Latin or Arabic script. Each weight features: ligatures, discretionary ligatures, 4 sets of Arabic and Persian figures (old-style, lining, tabular old-style, tabular lining), ornaments, and stylistic alternates.

For more information about Arabic support in various applications, see our Tech support page.

Aisha Arabic Bundle, SAVE 20 %
Includes all 4 fonts
Aisha Arabic Regular€95.00
Aisha Arabic Semibold€95.00
Aisha Arabic Bold€95.00
Aisha Arabic Extrabold€95.00

Aisha Latin Pro

Support for over 90 languages using the Latin script. Each weight features: ligatures, discretionary ligatures, case-sensitive punctuation, 4 sets of figures (old-style, lining, tabular old-style, tabular lining), fractions, superiors, inferiors, ornaments, and stylistic alternates.

Aisha Latin Bundle, SAVE 20 %
Includes all 4 fonts
Aisha Latin Regular€38.00
Aisha Latin Semibold€38.00
Aisha Latin Bold€38.00
Aisha Latin Extrabold€38.00
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Bundle Discount

Our bundles offer a 20–25% discount compared to the value of individual weights. Family bundles contain all the fonts from a type family; core bundles contain four core fonts.

Educational Discount

We offer a 25% discount (10% on bundles) for students, teachers, and academic institutions. Email us with a valid student ID or from your university email to get a discount code. VAT payers excluded.


If you wish to upgrade from a single weight to a bundle of the same family, you pay only the price difference. The same applies if you wish to upgrade from single-script fonts (e.g. Latin, Cyrillic) to multi-script fonts (pan-European). Email us and we will provide you with a discount code.

VAT info

All prices on the web include 21% VAT (Czech Republic).

If you are registered for VAT in the EU, let us know and we will provide you with a discount code to get the 21% Czech VAT off. We will issue a reverse-charge invoice (without VAT).

Study our EULA


Shopping process

Pay with card or PayPal

Add selected fonts to your shopping cart and check out. (Note that in order to check out, you need to log in or register.) Then you’ll be redirected to a secure PayPal page where you can pay using your card or PayPal account. When the payment is complete, you’ll be returned to your account page where you can download your fonts. You will also receive a confirmation email, and with a short delay, a receipt/invoice for your transaction.

Pay with bank transfer

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, email us specifying your order and we’ll promptly provide you with an invoice and banking details. International wire transfers usually take 1–2 days to process. Once the transaction is complete, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a link to the Downloads section where you can download your fonts.

What will you receive?

  • OpenType fonts
  • our licensing agreement (EULA)
  • a detailed PDF specimen

Need more info?

Refer to our FAQ or contact us if you have any questions.

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