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Notably, the use of the Rosetta Font Software in any of the following manners, among others without limitation, and/or applications is not permitted by the standard EULA above:
  • alphabet or letterform-related products for resale, or letterform creation products or devices;
  • embedding in electronic devices; electronic books, all gaming uses and/or devices’
  • embedding in software;
  • storing, caching, serving or otherwise providing access to the font software to third parties via the internet for use or display on the internet, irrespective of the format or technology used;
  • in for theatrical release film, television or broadcast via cable television or on the internet. you are permitted to animate the font software using flash animation in flash type films;
  • use of “dingbats,” or images in or forming a part of the use of the font software on goods for sale such as t-shirts, mugs, on demand stationary products etc.;
  • use of any illustrations embodied in the font software on products for sale; and
  • installation of the font software on a server for serving to users.
You will need to obtain the appropriate license upgrade, first. Please, contact us for details.
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