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Nassim: Sets news
Nassim: Sets news
Nassim: Sets news
Nassim: Sets news
Nassim: Sets news
Nassim: Sets news
Nassim  arabic / latin
Nassim is a contemporary text typeface for Arabic and Latin script. Its core concept is a design that facilitates multilingual text setting which presents both scripts balanced and harmonious. The main concern was to create them as authentic designs in which neither Arabic nor Latin have to follow proportions or characteristics of the other script. To achieve this, Titus designed them synchronously from the very beginning. Nassim is one of the first Arabic and Latin script typefaces to be developed in this way. 

Since it has been used by BBC Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Pashto, and by Voice of America, Nassim fonts are read by millions of people every month and it ranks among one of the most used webfonts today!
Its sturdy, modern, yet calligraphically inspired shapes and classic proportions make Nassim particularly suited for distinguished news design. It lends itself equally well to general editorial and magazine design. Its range of weights, a feat not often found in Arabic type families, makes Nassim more versatile and usable for complex text settings — a quality recognised by leading newspaper designer Mario Garcia: 
“Nassim was designed to work in small sizes, in a dictionary, say, or newspaper columns—a rare achievement. With five weights and perfectly matched Latin letters, it’s almost too good to be true.” 

Nassim received acclaim from its first public appearances. It was awarded the ‘Certificate of Excellence in Type Design’ at the TDC² 2007, first prize for ‘Original Typeface Design’ at the European Design awards 2007, and was shortlisted as ‘Design of the Year 2007’ by the Design Museum London and featured in the accompanying show. Most recently, it received the prestigious Letter.2 award and it was one of the Typographica’s Best of 2012.
Designer: Titus Nemeth
Released on: June 2011
Scripts: arabic, latin
Standard Ligatures
Old Style Figures
Monetary Symbols
Vocalization (Arabic)
Standard ligatures (Arabic)
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